The Challenge

Guinness World Record Attempt 


"Longest Open Sea Cold Water Endurance Dive".

27th June 2015
In Support of Mountain Rescue. 

Previous best attempt by Robbie and the Endurance Team, sitting at 7 hours 12 min, technical and teething issues cutting first two attempts short.


The attempt "Endurance Team" is to be a cross section of all divers from various organisations be it HSE, PADI, BSAC or HM Forces.The attempt has to be in open Sea with a min depth of 10m and a Sea temperature of not more than 14'C. The diver "Robbie" will remain on a sub surface stage moored to the seabed, with a bank of compressed air cylinders. There will be no umbilical connection to the surface and the set up is described as SCUBA. The attempt will look to be open to an element of research such as recording and monitoring of core temperature. 



Core Temperature Gauge

Work Up Stage Drills

Previous Attempt.